Robin RAMS software

Who is behind Robin RAMS?

Robin RAMS was created by a dedicated team of RAMS consultants at our company DMD Solutions. As RAMS consultants, we dedicated many hours of our working lives diving into RAMS software tools: setting them up, striving to make the most of their features for our everyday analyses. But after years of efforts, we realised none of them totally satisfied us.

As engineers, as RAMS experts, as tailor-made software developers we could not remain still. This is how our own RAMS assistant came to life: a tool made by RAMS engineers perfectly catered for the aerospace sector needs to fully exploit the value of RAMS analyses.

RAMS Engineer

This was DMD Solutions’ team back in 2019

History of Robin

We started with the development of a FRACAS platform on January 2018. We wanted a flexible tool that went a mile beyond what generalist databases can do. In our experience with the aerospace industry, we realised many companies started FRACAS with common tools such as Ms Excel or Access, but soon they became too slow and unreliable for the quantity of data stored. We provided our first version of the FRACAS module coded in Python by May 2018.

Our next desire was to have a really straightforward and user-friendly tool to build FTA for our customers’ projects. A no-bullshit tool that allowed the engineer to work comfortably, to visualise results and calculations in an empowering form, so as to retain the control of the results. Robin FTA was ready to work in version 0.3 of Robin, by March 2019.

Robin RAMS software

Robin’s development timeline and version release

From here on, Robin was complemented with our everyday requirements in Reliability Prediction, Maintainability and FMECA, building up to a complete RAMS software suite focused on the aerospace certification needs. Since we design for hands-on results in the industry, usability and focus were a strong priority, leading to five solid modules which constitute our dream tools for our RAMS engineering work.

Robin Lines of Code

Lines of code growing with every new release


Around mid-2019, DMD Solutions decided to tidy up their processes and apply for an ISO 9001 quality certification. Software architecture design, validation and testing activities were naturally included in the Quality Management System as Robin development was already an essential part of our business. Even though Robin was still not in the market as a stand-alone product, it was already an added value we offered to customers and partners in the RAMS discipline.

On January 2020, the Robin development started a collaboration with Daher Socata to participate in the live testing and validation of Robin RAMS. The team at Daher is today one of our earlier adopters and their everyday efforts in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety engineering have greatly contributed to setting up a stable, intituitive and performing platform.

Robin jumps into the market

On September 16th,  the first public version of the Robin RAMS software suite was released in an online Open Demo with a selected group of aerospace professional engineers. Our website was publicly launched two weeks after that.

Since the beginning, Robin had a very straightforward, unburdened approach to RAMS engineering which we wanted to maintain in our commercial endeavours. That is why Robin’s business model had to be a subscription model, a befitting option for an extremely flexible web-based tool. Robin has no pesky contracts and no commitments. There are no cancellation fees so users can start or stop their account anytime and actually pay for what they use.

It was very important to the team, which had been involved in long sales processes for other RAMS software tools, that our potential users were able to understand, test, budget and actually purchase the software online, at their own pace. Robin aims at maximum transparency: from features to pricing, it’s all clear as day. The zero-bullshit RAMS tool!

The most straightforward RAMS tool in the market for aerospace certification

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