This version stabilizes v.1.0 and provides improvements to all the existing modules and Robin’s generic performance. Moreover, other generic improvements have been performed.
Robin Team RAMS Software


FMEA Module:

  • Customizable default Failure Mode Types
  • More customizable FMEA columns (detection type…)
  • Detection coverage improved to support multi-level FMEAs

RPA Module:

  • FIDES 2009 finished
  • Recalculation of Reliability when re-defining FIDES Phases
  • Improved default RPA values
  • Multi-selection of items in RPA & bulk actions

Connection RPA-FMEA:

  • Ability to link item FR of the FMEA to calculations from the RPA
  • Import of FMEA items from RPA projects
  • Consistency between modules


  • Support of Russian (+ other Non-ASCII) languages
  • User profile photo (w/ cropping)
  • Storage information
  • Complete documentation


  • Harmonized Part management for FRACAS, MSG-3, RPA and FMEA modules
  • Improved and unified notification system
  • Improved error handling on PDFs and login
  • Easier FIDES 2009 manipulation
  • Possibility to add attachments to Zone
  • FMES not case-sensitive
  • Improved PDFs design
  • Improved FRACAS defect report
  • Improved primary events table behaviour
  • Improved Comments tables behaviour
  • Fixed FMEA bugs
  • Fixed approximation errors in RPA BOM
  • FTA: Ability to have gates with only one child
Next version will have main focus on:
  • Testing & error handling
  • Licensing
  • Global part management
  • Optimization of scripts
  • Internal user’s chat
  • Interconnection FMEA-FTA: produce easy FTAs from the FMEA Summary
  • EPRD/NPRD databases for the RPA module
  • RPA BOM recalculation for different environments

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