Robin RAMS software 1.2
This version stabilizes v.1.1 and provides improvements to all the existing modules and Robin’s generic performance. Moreover, other generic improvements have been performed.
Robin RAMS Software suit version 1.2 is released


  • Intercommunication between FMEA & RPA/FRACAS
  • Automatic creation of FTA from FMES
  • Part Management section
  • BOM calculation for different environments
  • Copy-paste of maintainability failures
  • Redesign of zones tab
  • FIDES can be computed using any value of time
  • Provide release notes + terms & conditions
  • FTAs created from custom file


  • Improved performance (computation, loading, import…)
  • EPRD/NPRD database updated + confidence level + improved filtering
  • FIDES 2009 default values
  • More flexible maintainability analyses
  • BOM buttons reorganized
  • FMEA export with merge & format
  • Attachments in reports
  • Check airframe hours in a defect
Next version will have main focus on:
  • Testing & error handling
  • Licensing
  • Speed improvement
  • Internal user’s chat
  • Improve intercommunication between modules
  • C-code implementation for FTA exact method

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