Robin RAMS Software suit version 1.4 is released
This version presents the possibility to switch off a branch in FTA, the implementation of AI, a very user-friendly way to introduce comments and much more. Also, Robin’s generic performance has been enhanced as well as improvements to all the existing modules.
Robin RAMS Software suit version 1.3 is released


  • Switch-off an FTA branch
  • Calculation estimation with AI
  • Gate repetitions + dormancy time display
  • Button to expand all transfer gates
  • Send as BOM in RPA
  • Corrective Actions report
  • Comments from diagram
  • 3D Graphs (with AI)
  • From undeveloped to AND/OR gate
  • Watermark for trial versions (MSG-3 reports)
  • Custom Error Page
  • Avatar images
  • Cutsets export to Excel
  • Go back button in MSG-3
  • Extended parameter details in RPA report
  • Confirmation email for new created users (User set the password)
  • Number of AND/OR gates are saved for AI
  • Improved working tracer


  • Better database integrity
  • Dropdowns/calendars always visible in tables (even at the end)
  • Operation time GUI
  • More setting options for RPA reports
  • A more flexible maintainability module
  • Customizable Maintainability units
  • OH-FH ratio when adding a FM in FTA
  • Automatic decrease of font size in reports
  • Scroll to highlighted comment from FTA diagram
  • Item functions from FMEA re-used in MSG-3
  • Allow setting a new ID/description when sending a gate as a Top Gate
  • The user can now add notes in BOM
  • Expand option in Treeview
  • Counter in Parts Management (FMEA)
  • Different style for closed comments
  • Readable export/import fields
  • Notify user when clicking a non-allowed button
  • Cutset cutoff depending on # leaves
  • Search by description too
  • Smoother page transitions
  • Domain specified in bug issue email
  • Periodic deletion of unused parts
  • Information is displayed when hovering  an FM (FTA)
  • Correctly add FM id if the node already exists
  • Improve security
  • Improved defect report
  • Save autocomplete import configuration for same Excel format
  • Improved RPA/FMEA export
Robin FTA with a branch switched off
FTA with a branch switched off
Next version will have a main focus on:
  • Improvements on the calculation time of FTAs 
  • Stabilization of new features
  • More testing and error handling
  • New Fault Tree features (new gates such as combinational or sequencial and phase percentage to specific events)
  • Implementation of Ctrl+Z in some modules
  • Robin chat
  • FTa minimap

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