This version presents several improvements and further stability over the previous one. A friendlier way to use FIDES 2009 and an improved approach to compute minimal cut sets is included. Furthermore, causes have been added to MSG-3, which affect level two of the diagrams.


  • MSG-3 causes, now have common Level 1
  • The user can now modify the FMEA structure via settings
  • Attachments can be added to the FMEA table
  • The admin can deactivate users and revoke permissions
  • Comments can be added to the FTA PDF report
  • Constant probabilities excluded from MCS
  • A new ropdown for Pi_process
  • Discrete Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits are now included in FIDES
  • FIDES answers are now automatically saved
  • Data can be imported from CSV to FIDES RPA
  • All RPA parameters can be printed
  • Items can be added directly from FMEA table
  • New subscription “Robin Customer”


  • FIDES has now the possibility to use calendar time 
  • Libraries have been updated
  • Editable MSG-3 answers
  • More info displayed in MSG-3
  • Out of range alert in RPA
  • Completed RPA schematics
  • Ability to duplicate projects/systems
  • Remember last scroll position in FMEA
  • Comments can be added in FMEA
  • Multiple deletions/copying in Parts and FMEA
  • Checks before deactivating a user
  • Automatically detect import separator
  • Formatting improvements
  • Improved performance of RPA module
  • The safety factor is included in RPA
  • Recenter is available at FTA
  • Transfer gates have been renamed
MSG3 report with two causes and common level one
Next version will have a main focus on:
  • CS-25.1309(b)(5) for MCS of order 2 with latencies
  • Improve FTA performance
  • C implementation of exact method
  • Phase percentage to specific events
  • Improvements on Airworthiness module
  • CAFTA compatibility
  • Ctrl + Z in FMEA
  • New FTA gates (combinational, sequential events)
  • FTA minimap
  • 2 step verification
  • Combination gates
  • Copy FTA structure

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