RAMS software release
This version presents several improvements in the FTA module. The possibility to use personalised templates in the FTA reports and to duplicate FTA projects and systems is included. Furthermore, the ability to choose sections to print in the RPA report is added.


  • PDF templates for the FTA reports
  • FTA report in Word format
  • Re-do function (Ctrl+Y) in FTA
  • Duplicate FTA Projects (and systems)
  • Avoid recursive Fault Trees
  • More currencies to define Part cost
  • Add nodes with the right click in FTA module
  • Comment permissions
  • Choose sections to print in RPA report


  • Switch ON/OFF more than one node at the same time
  • More information in MCS report
  • Double click to enter in Transfer Gates
  • Improvement of the user experience in FTA Module
  • Improved undo function (Ctrl+Z)
  • More logo picture formats allowed
  • Quantity as a decimal number
  • Notes for each node in FTA module
  • More stable FMEA module
  • Interface improvements in FMEA module
  • Improved alerts/warnings in RPA Module
  • Header remains on top when scrolling in RPA module
Next version will have a main focus on:
  • Solid package: RPA, FMECA & FTA
  • CS-25.1309(b)(5) for MCS of order 2 with latencies
  • Improve FTA performance
  • C implementation of exact method
  • More error handling & testing
  • Phase percentage to specific events
  • New FTA gates (combinational, sequential events)
  • Assumptions
  • Copy FTA structure
  • Tests, much more tests!

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