Robin RAMS Software version 1.7 released
This version introduces new features to the FTA module, resulting in a substantial boost to its reliability and user friendliness. The update also includes a number of improvements meant to guarantee effective procedures, optimize performance, and improve the overall user experience.
Robin software version


  • Added functionality to detach nodes in FTA
  • Expanded delete options, with the ability to retain information 
  • Introduced import functionality for Basic Events in FTA
  • Implemented import functionality for Parts Management
  • Created a Failure Conditions summary page
  • Enabled users to define the OH-FH ratio
  • Provided the option to assign a top gate with a failure condition


  • Enhanced error messages for better understanding
  • Included an option to add a during the Basic Event creation
  • Facilitated double click entry in Transfer Gates
  • Made improvements to the home pages of the Modules
  • Improved multi-user experience in FMEA
  • Optimized the positioning of the context menu in FTA
  • Fixed FTA interface random dislocations
  • Handled special character issues in FMEA
  • Fixed unncessary page refreshes
  • Resolved the issue of the last loaded page in the Maintainability section
  • Fixed Isograph import issues
Next version will have a main focus on:
  • Documentation update
  • FTA performance improvement
  • More error handling & testing
  • Improve FTA reporting
  • Tests, much more tests!

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