Robin RAMS Software version 1.8 released

In this version, the primary emphasis is on updating the documentation, with a special focus on rigorously testing the reliability and performance of the code. Additionally, new features and improvements have been incorporated to enhance user-friendliness.

Robin software version


  • MSG-3 SCM Tasks can be exported to CSV and Excel
  • FTA Primary Events reports are customizable
  • Selectable project and system icons
  • Repeated Primary Events can be grouped or ungrouped
  • Remark gates are now listed in Primary Events
  • Datasources in NPRD and EPRD tables


  • Documentation updated
  • OH/FH ratio is now stored in database
  • Interval Substantiation added in MSG-3 MSI
  • Better performance in EPRD and NPRD pages
  • FTA AND/OR gates shape differentiation
  • Parts Management import improved
msg3 export tasks scm
MSG-3 SCM Tasks exported to Excel
Next version will have a main focus on:
  • FTA performance: Interface & Computation [MCS / Exact]
  • Voting Gate
  • DAL allocation
  • FHA Module

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