Robin RAMS Software version 1.9 released
This version introduces several overarching enhancements, including improved visualization, user-friendly interaction, expanded import and export formats for enhanced data management, security upgrades such as 2FA implementation, and algorithmic performance improvements.
Robin Software Version


  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for enhanced security.
  • Import FRACAS data from Excel files for efficient data entry and transfer.
  • Renewed Minimal Cut Sets (MCS) computation approach optimizing performance and efficiency.
  • MSG-3 MSI Analysis new section for MSI Identification to provide clear insights and detailed categorization.


  • Performance enhancements in FTA module, improving computation speed and software responsiveness.
  • Advanced FTA search and reporting for more flexible and detailed primary events reporting.
  • Failure Conditions reporting with diverse export options (PDF, Word and Excel) for a more comprehensive documentation.
  • Customizable fields in FTA Basic Events, allowing for detailed documentation of event characteristics.
  • MSG-3 MSI Analysis report enhancement adding comprehensive overviews of maintenance significant items.
  • Complete redesign of the FRACAS module with improved data visualization and user-friendly interaction.
Robin Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Next version will have a main focus on:
  • FHA Module
  • FMEA table rework + FMD 2016
  • New FTA gates (Voting & Sequential)
  • DAL allocation
  • C/C++ implementation to improve algorithms speed and efficiency
  • More error handling & testing

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