Data acquisition module reliability prediction with FIDES

FIDES Case Study

Reliability Prediction for Space Technology Reliability prediction is a type of the Product and Quality Assurance tool used in space projects to demonstrate compliance with the requirements set regarding the probability of failure of a system at a particular mission phase. The RPA is a bottom-up method, where the item/equipment’s failure rate is computed from...

Robin RAMS Software version 1.9 released

Robin 1.9 is out

This version introduces several overarching enhancements, including improved visualization, user-friendly interaction, expanded import and export formats for enhanced data management, security upgrades such as 2FA implementation, and algorithmic performance improvements. VERSION INSIGHTS 6 Contributors to the version 196 days from last release 628 Commits 138 Solved issues Next version v1.10 scheduled for the 3rd Sep...

Robin RAMS Software version 1.8 released

Robin 1.8 is out

In this version, the primary emphasis is on updating the documentation, with a special focus on rigorously testing the reliability and performance of the code. Additionally, new features and improvements have been incorporated to enhance user-friendliness. VERSION INSIGHTS 6 Contributors to the version 110 days from last release 335 Commits 135 Solved issues Next version...

Robin RAMS Software version 1.7 released

Robin 1.7 is out

This version introduces new features to the FTA module, resulting in a substantial boost to its reliability and user friendliness. The update also includes a number of improvements meant to guarantee effective procedures, optimize performance, and improve the overall user experience. VERSION INSIGHTS 5 Contributors to the version 143 days from last release 211 Commits...

Guide for FMECA

FMEA and FMECA Troubleshooting Guide

What is FMECA? Consider yourself a system engineer developing an eVTOL to carry passengers on their business flights. Which implies that you are in charge of creating a technological system capable to send a person to its rendezvous and ensure its safe return home. You would undoubtedly value a method that could reveal and mitigate...

RAMS software release

Robin 1.6 is out

This version presents several improvements in the FTA module. The possibility to use personalised templates in the FTA reports and to duplicate FTA projects and systems is included. Furthermore, the ability to choose sections to print in the RPA report is added. VERSION INSIGHTS 7 Contributors to the version 133 days from last release 248...

Robin 1.5 is out

This version presents several improvements and further stability over the previous one. A friendlier way to use FIDES 2009 and an improved approach to compute minimal cut sets is included. Furthermore, causes have been added to MSG-3, which affect level two of the diagrams. VERSION INSIGHTS 14 Contributors to the version 337 days from last...

FRACAS Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions and the FRACAS process

FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System) is a reliability system that is widely spread and used by most manufacturers in the aerospace industry. The FRACAS process is deeply tied to the continuing airworthiness of aircrafts and can be divided in three steps: Failure Reporting, Failure Analysis, and Corrective Actions.

Robin RAMS Software suit version 1.4 is released

Robin 1.4 is out

This version presents the possibility to switch off a branch in FTA, the implementation of AI, a very user-friendly way to introduce comments and much more. Also, Robin’s generic performance and has been enhanced as well as improvements to all the existing modules.

Webinar Reliability Prediction Analysis

Webinar – Reliability Prediction Analysis

Webinar info Date Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 Register now Time 5:00 PM (+2 GTM) Duration 50 minutes + Q&A Get in touch [email protected] Reliability Prediction Analysis: from Component Failure Rate to System Reliability Airborne systems developers need to ensure the required level of quality according to design goals. One those goals for the system engineer...

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