Guide for FMECA

FMEA and FMECA Troubleshooting Guide

What is FMECA? Consider yourself a system engineer developing an eVTOL to carry passengers on their business flights. Which implies that you are in charge of creating a technological system capable to send a person to its rendezvous and ensure

FRACAS Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions and the FRACAS process

FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System) is a reliability system that is widely spread and used by most manufacturers in the aerospace industry. The FRACAS process is deeply tied to the continuing airworthiness of aircrafts and can be

Robin RAMS Open Demo

Join the Open Demo for Robin 1.2 release

The perfect tool for engineering teams is Robin 1.2 Robin RAMS has evolved into an inseparable Reliability, Maintainability and Safety software companion for engineering teams. With the release of version 1.2 it is easier than ever to manage a certification

Aerospace Europe Bulletin

Robin RAMS in the January 2021 edition of the Aerospace Europe Bulletin

News of the Robin RAMS arrival have been spreading within the aerospace sector professionals. A one page article on the launch of the Robin RAMS software suite has been published by the Aerospace Europe Bulletin, a magazine by the Council

Robin RAMS software

How Robin RAMS came to be

Who is behind Robin RAMS? Robin RAMS was created by a dedicated team of RAMS consultants at our company DMD Solutions. As RAMS consultants, we dedicated many hours of our working lives diving into RAMS software tools: setting them up,

The most straightforward RAMS tool in the market for aerospace certification

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