Webinar Reliability Prediction Analysis

Webinar – Reliability Prediction Analysis

Webinar info Date Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 Register now Time 5:00 PM (+2 GTM) Duration 50 minutes + Q&A Get in touch [email protected] Reliability Prediction Analysis: from Component Failure Rate to System Reliability Airborne systems developers need to ensure the required level of quality according to design goals. One those goals for the system engineer...

Robin RAMS Open Demo

Join the Open Demo for Robin 1.2 release

The perfect tool for engineering teams is Robin 1.2 Robin RAMS has evolved into an inseparable Reliability, Maintainability and Safety software companion for engineering teams. With the release of version 1.2 it is easier than ever to manage a certification project, from early design to continued airworthiness. Among the new features, our subscribers will find:...

Robin RAMS software

How Robin RAMS came to be

Who is behind Robin RAMS? Robin RAMS was created by a dedicated team of RAMS consultants at our company DMD Solutions. As RAMS consultants, we dedicated many hours of our working lives diving into RAMS software tools: setting them up, striving to make the most of their features for our everyday analyses. But after years...

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