Robin’s subscription plans are called Starter, Team, Project or Corporate. You can apply them to each individual module or get the Life-cycle package including all 5 modules at a discounted price. Here’s what each plan includes:

  • Robin Starter offers an individual account in a shared database. Your data is privately secured and hosted in the cloud. It is a good fit for a single engineer working on RAMS analyses. No teamwork features are available.
  • Robin Team offers 5 team profiles at 1 simultaneous screen. There is a dedicated database for your company under your private domain, hosted in the cloud. Thought for teamwork, this plan offers one administrator profile who can assign roles to team members with different access rights, among several other features to facilitate team efforts.
  • Robin Project offers 10 team profiles at 5 simultaneous screens. Teamwork features are expanded, including the possibility to work in parallel in the same system and analysis.
  • Robin Corporate is thought for special requirements. If your company is in need of tailor-made features, we can develop a solution that truly fits your needs. Let us know what you’d like and we will quote a solution and subscription plan for your team.

You can request our complete pricing brochure including a plan comparison table here.

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