Can I buy a single module? Can I add more modules after subscribing?

Yes, you can buy the modules individually or decide on the Lifecycle package which includes all five modules at a discounted price. If you decide to add a new module to your current subscription, each module will have an independent

What are the available subscription plans?

Robin’s subscription plans are called Starter, Team, Project or Corporate. You can apply them to each individual module or get the Life-cycle package including all 5 modules at a discounted price. Here’s what each plan includes: Robin Starter offers an

What is the price of Robin? Are there any hidden costs?

Robin works as a subscription service. The subscription is paid monthly or yearly and grants access to the purchased modules for the specified period. Plans and prices are as follows: We’d like you to pay for what you actually use. That

Can I try Robin for free?

Yes, you can try all modules for 14-days. You will also have access to the RPA databased licensed with Quanterion for 5 days at the start of the trial. To access the trial, you can drop us a line here

Can I request a customized Robin demo?

You absolutely should. To better grasp Robin’s technical features, you’ll benefit from the guidance of one of our customer support specialists inside the platform. Help us prepare your demo by providing an overview of your needs. Which modules would you

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