Robin RAMS

Reliability, Maintainability & Safety Software

RAMS Software as never seen before!

From single defects to whole fleets: comfortably manage all your Reliability, Maintainability and Safety project data in a single software tool

FRACAS Software Failure Report Corrective Actions

Failure Reporting and Corrective Actions System

Failure reports have high engineering value, but are hard to collect, process and analyse. Robin FRACAS supports an effective implementation of the Failure Reporting And Corrective Actions System to enhance the design, quality & logistics of your product from day one

Fault Tree Analysis

Achieving Type Certificate for complex systems requires endless Fault Tree Analysis calculations. With Robin FTA, you can integrate and link all your project Fault Trees including imported files from other platforms.

FTA Fault Tree Analysis Software
Maintainability MSG-3 ZSA Software

Maintainability: MSG-3 and Zonal Safety Assessment

Create an optimised maintenance program through hamornisation of tasks and intervals at certification’s requirements level. Work with Zonal Safety Analysis to detect potential hazardous interactions and derive required maintenance tasks.

Reliability Prediction Analysis

Ensure your systems meet the quality goals and proactively address reliability issues at component level with a clean visualisation of your multilevel system hierarchy.

RPA Reliability Prediction Software
FMECA Failures Modes Effects Criticaility Analysis Software

Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis

Collaborate with your team for a thorough, error-free scrutiny of system failure modes and effects. Build the basis of a successful Reliability and Safety cycle for your systems.

What do the experts think about Robin?

Alessandro U.

Alessandro U.

Team leader - Training system hardware and GIS

RAMS essentials on a budget

All essential RAMS features are available in a simple tool (no need to spend money on functions you will never use or understand). The database of standards allows quick referencing and requirement management for your specific purposes. Modern up to date interface.

Lorenzo M.

Lorenzo M.

Founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting

A very good software at an excellent price

It’s a no-bull approach to safety software. The tools do not come with all the bells and whistles of other tools, but none of the features you actually need is missing. A great achievement!

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Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety software

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