Robin RAMS

Reliability Prediction Analysis

RPA Software as never seen before!

The best support to navigate reliability standards and calculate system reliability predictions

Robin RAMS RPA Module

Estimate the reliability of your system using Reliability Prediction Analysis. Import or define your Bill Of Material and evaluate its reliability through the industry standards and historical databases: MIL-HandBook, RIAC, EPRD, NPRD, and more. Detect criticalities in your design checking the contribution of each of the items.

Calculate reliability component by component

Reliability Prediction EPRD NPRD RIAC FIDES MIL-HBK-217 Quanterion

All standards, one tool

Work with internationally recognised prediction standards: MIL-HDBK-217F & 217Plus,  FIDES 2009, ANSI/VITA, NSWC-11, NPRD & EPRD


Visualise your Bill of Materials

Directly calculate failure rate and MTBF in your hierarchical Bill of Materials visualisation. Integrate multiple BOMs in the same screen.

Reliability Prediction Software

Easily re-design & iterate

Identify potential reliability improvements by modifying component parameters and performing fast failure rate re-calculations.

What do the experts think about Robin?

Alessandro U.

Alessandro U.

Team leader - Training system hardware and GIS

RAMS essentials on a budget

All essential RAMS features are available in a simple tool (no need to spend money on functions you will never use or understand). The database of standards allows quick referencing and requirement management for your specific purposes. Modern up to date interface.

Lorenzo M.

Lorenzo M.

Founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting

A very good software at an excellent price

It’s a no-bull approach to safety software. The tools do not come with all the bells and whistles of other tools, but none of the features you actually need is missing. A great achievement!

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